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Ideal for watercolour and oil (the latter usually preferred on a longer handle). The natural characteristics of the hair offer a good ‘belly’ allowing liquid holding capacity greater than for example Nylon. This brush points and springs and upon touching the paper will flow and release water similar to a fountain pen. For oils a good choice when flexibility is needed, carries the paint with flow and precision. So many marks can be produced from just one good sized pointed brush. In my trade we refer to it as ‘weasel’ hair, this being a small member of the ‘Mustelidae’ family, native to Asia, North America and Europe. The Asian variety is the only one used in brush making and unique in length and fineness. The term ‘Sable’ is a misnomer, the hairs from the animal called a sable ‘Marteszibellina’ are not used to manufacture artists’ brushes! To produce a good quality brush ROSEMARY only uses the best grade of tail hair skillfully selected and ‘dressed’ in Germany by a family who have kept their trade through several generations. Like most things the better the ingredients and raw materials the finer the end result. Beware of the less expensive so called ‘Sable Brushes’. Many contain little or no genuine Sable at all, regardless of what it says on the handle. Others may contain Sable hair which hasn’t been ‘dressed’ properly or indeed sorted by length.


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