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It started with a passion – a passion for created work of colours.  Painting and sketching were the initial love.   And now our passion includes finding and bringing materials of finest quality to artists.

Colour was and is our first passion.  The beauty of earth and its colours – vibrant colours of spring, the green meadows in summer, the stunning autumn leaves and even the whiteness of winter snow – shouts the beauty of creation.  The array of colours is limitless.  Thus, we were every excited when we found over 230 colors offered in DANIEL SMITH extra fine watercolour palette.  Not only did we find the widest range of colours but the best in quality.   In 2013, we were appointed the distributor of DANIEL SMITH products for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  Artists who found out were excited too and could not wait to get their hands onto DANIEL SMITH extra fine watercolours.  Thus, we started our online store in August 2013.

Our next mile is to get the exciting colours of DANIEL SMITH into the stores in your city or town.  If you are interested to be a retailer, do contact us.  Our email address: sales@arters.com.sg

Our quest did not end with colours.  2014 was an exciting year for us as we extended our products to sketch books, watercolour boxes and palettes and of course, brushes!  With  sketchbooks from STILLMAN & BIRN and Labrador, we believe we have something which will suit every need.  Always with finest quality in mind, we sourced for some of the best brushes.  Both Escoda and Rosemary brushes are produced with the best quality, care and workmanship.

The latest in our range of products is De Atramentis Ink.  Made for fountain pens, the ink is suitable for both writing and drawing.  What more?! It is also permanent and comes in a brilliant array of colours and fragrance!

As we said, we started with a passion.  We like to pass that passion on.  Thus, we often organized art jam, art demonstrations and workshops.  At art jam, everyone gets to try out some of our products, especially Daniel Smith colours.  Knowledge and skills are shared too.  We also organized art demonstrations and workshops by local and visiting artists.

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