Escoda brushes are handmade from fine quality hair and materials
Escoda brushes are handmade from fine quality hair and materials

Established in 1933 in Barcelona, Spain, Escoda has become a company known for their exacting standards and conscious sense of what artists want.  Josep Escoda envisioned and created a brush factory to produce artist brushes for decorative and fine art.  His vision and passion for producing the best brushes in the world continues to this day by the 3rd generation of the family.  In 2001, the Escoda brush factory was awarded the covered ISO 9001/100 certification.  The award recognized Escoda as a company consistent in both quality and efficiency in the production of their products. Today, as then, Escoda remains committed to handcrafting the best brushes in the world.

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From the beginning, the Escoda family recognized that superior materials create a superior brush.  They insist on using only the finest hairs from such animals as the Kolinsky sable of Tajmyr, the Russian squirrel and hog bristle from China.  They have also incorporated eight kinds of artificial fibers with a wide variety of colours and diameters to produce brushes that are renowned by artists around the world.


The process of designing and creating Escoda brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans.  Each brush is meticulously crafted by hand.  Always combining the finest raw materials with obsessive craftsmanship, Escoda brushes are appreciated for their attention and their lasting performance.  A family’s pride can be felt in every brush stroke.

“I have trusted Escoda brushes for many years.  Their ability to hold shape and their amazingly fine point makes them a perfect brush for the task. I would be lost without them”  ~ Joseph Zbukvic

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