For over 30 years, DANIEL SMITH products have been manufactured in USA and are the trusted brand of choice of artists worldwide.  DANIEL SMITH is a leading manufacturer of superior-quality lines of watercolor paints, sticks & grounds, acrylic paints & gesso, oil & water-soluble oil paints.

DS Extra Fine Water

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour is a choice brand of artist around the world.  Check out the Luminescent colour for striking effects of light and colour, the Quinacridone colours for intense, transparent colours with excellent lightfastness and unique Primatek colours handmade from authentic mineral pigments.Click here to find the entire range of over 230 colours!

“Most professional brand of watercolour are of good quality and similar in behavior on paper.   DANIEL SMITH Watercolours have an amazing range of colours. One of the main feature which differentiates DANIEL SMITH Watercolours from others is their range of ‘sparkle’ colours such as Duochrome Blue Pearl or Iridescent Goldstone, among others in that range. Their behaviour on paper is very different, leaving a sparkle film which can be very effective and interesting in your work.   Excellent for figures and highlights.”~ Joseph Zbukvic

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