Rotary Tree brush 1

This is a favourite of our landscape artists.

This is a brush with unique properties which can be used a tool for painting winter and summer trees.  The concept is that the bristles are equal length and constructed into a circular form so that the paint pigment can be used as a drybrush technique or used with fairly wet pigment washes to paint summer trees.  Using each technique, the brush is rotated, to release the pigment onto the paper.

For many of us achieving special effect, i.e Foliage on trees can prove difficult.  The hollow centre, unusual in design makes trees ‘appear’ before your eyes.

Rotary Tree brush 2

“The concept of the brush is that all the bristles are level and are splayedin a circular form. The pigment is taken up on the tips of the bristles and transferred to the paper by holding the brush at 45 degrees before gentlytransferring the pigment in the form of an arc to produce the shape of the tree, turning the brush as you proceed. I find that when I do a workshopthat the participants generally place the brush directly onto the paper, when I explain and they understand the concept they produce some lovely work.

I always tilt the brush at 45 degrees away from me turning the brush with it lifted off the paper. You have to do this fairly swiftly so that with each arc you have produced the effect may represent at least 12 up and down strokes onto the paper. If the wash becomes too dry simply at one drop of water from the tip of the handle of the brush to revive it. Remember with the winter trees to use the wash very dry but with summer trees the washes can be quite wet. By using different pigments premixed you can create a beautiful summer tree. Suggested washes – lemon yellow, sap green and a mixture of viridian and Payne’s grey for the shadows.” – Tony Cowlisha
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